The 48% shackled to the 52%- meeting Carswell’s shadow

Douglas Carswell, one of the more sentient Leave-Kippers often likes to portray the UK as shackled to the European corpse; Briton pulled down by the deadweight of the EU and a failing economy.

His attack makes me think of Jung’s ‘Shadow’. The disgusting trait or behaviour one sees in another a person, that one focuses upon and makes a point of highlighting and criticising. As Jung observes, that trait or behaviour is often what one sees in oneself, but is unable to admit to; or face dealing with. Easier to see it and magnify  it in others.

For me, Carswell’s Shadow corpse is not the EU, but the Other Britain. The Leave Britain of 52% who often represent poor,  less productive or left behind Britain, regions heavily dependent on subsidy and redistribution. Sunderland, for example. [See this article in the Guardian] I do not wish to stigmatise or demean the inhabitants of such regions; there is no moral attack implied on them. It is simple economic fact. 

And that therefore this will be the ‘revealed’ corpse to which the more productive areas of the UK will be more obviously shackled, out the EU. Subsidy via Europe will be replaced by subsidy via the South East. London comprises 12.5% of the UK’s population but delivers 30% of her income.  I wonder what bonds of solidarity will be sufficient for the heavily Remain London to agree to support regions and people with radically different values and world views. Particularly when such regions have voted to take away from London many of the benefits and experiences that enable it to lay its golden eggs.