The Future of Britain in Europe


Reflections on the Prime Minister’s disastrous EU summits over the past two years and the destiny of a great people

My initial impression is of a man who suddenly realises his pants are on fire. Or put it this way. A pampered, privileged boy- intelligent doubltless, wise doubtful- is suddenly confronted with the magnitude of what he has idly and ignorantly being thinking about, the future of a great people and country with all the attendant history. The boy emerges from his cosy cave to be hit by the blinding light of reality and destiny. He is contorted within himself. All his Home County certainties and Etonian assumptions are being tested by a world of which he can barely grasp yet he  is striving to accept. He is being tapped on the shoulder by the American President and allies are whispering: Think Again!” Yet somehow his world view and Thatcherite immersion, his belief in a myth of Britain that was glossily sold and is now found desperately wanting, he cannot shirk. He fortunately has the money stashed away that any experiment he conducts on the British people will not affect him, much. For the rest of us…who knows.

We Britons can do better than him and better than this. Our history and our endeavour- the best of which we are capable- can go beyond our Prime Minister. They can go beyond this government and some of its shabbier, shallower, sallower, members. We are better than this. We are a generous people. We are an engaged people. We work with our friends, our neighbours, our allies. We get stuck in. We support freedom and democracy. When the clouds were dark in Europe, we kept the fires burning. We helped rebuild our Continent and the institutions that make it work. How can we turn our backs on this? How can we deny the sacrifice that was made in two bloody, genocidal wars? How can we abandon our friends, our neighbours and allies after that?