The Thinking Bubble S01E01- with Alisdair Gray

I interview Alisdair Gray, a leading Brussels and EU expert,  on the UK Referendum Campaign and UKIP. We talked in a cafe near the European Parliament (apologies for the background tinkling of plates).

Show times/ issues covered:

01:10 Matthew Goodwin and understanding UKIP
02:50 The failure of  mainstream UK politicians to connect
04:55 Cameron’s role
05:50 Risks to turnout
06:30 Why telephone polling can skew the picture
07:30 BoJo effect
08:30 Does leave mean leave?
09:30 Leave splits
09:45 Who is making the case?
11:30 Who can make the more strategic/emotional case?
13:15 Why Dominic Cummings is hurting the leave camp
14:15 Other influencers
17:00 Whom does Alisdair want to listen to?